Hot Stone Therapy

This is the ultimate massage. Hot basalt stones are used in this massage, as an extension of the therapist’s hand.

The warmth of the stones relaxes the muscles of the body, more quickly, enabling the therapist to go deeper into the muscle fibre, giving a more intensive massage.

At the same time the heat of the stones expand the blood vessels, helping to move blood faster around the body, sedating the nervous system.

Thermal stone massage can create harmony, positive energy flow and promote a sense of inner peace.

This treatment is ideal for:..

Reduces stress
Improves circulation
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular aches & pains
Rheumatic & arthritic conditions
Revitalising energy levels
Balancing the body, working on the mind, emotions, and spirit
Stone massage therapy has been used in many different cultures for many years. Healers used rocks from the river beds and warmed them either in hot coals or hot water. The healing powers of the stones have been recognised by numerous cultures for centuries.